Founded in 2000, SE Technologies is a custom screen printing equipment manufacturer specializing in prepress equipment such as washout booths, stretching tables, screen cleaning and mesh removal equipment.

Over the years, SE Technologies has grown its equipment manufacturing side to include being selected as an OEM for specialized products for several large chemical and mesh manufacturers.  This equipment includes stretching clamps, control panels, pumping cabinets and miscellaneous parts.

In 2007, SE Technologies expanded the business by producing stretched and imaged screens for several clients. This part of the business has grown tremendously and now SE Technologies has the ability to manufacture and stretch all types and sizes of screens even large format screens with the largest to date of 14 feet long. Additionally, the company provides press ready screens for all facets of the screen printing industry. SE Technologies has an extensive in-house stock of screen printing mesh from 15-460 threads per inch.

SE Technologies founder, Scott Ellithorp, has been in the screen printing industry since 1987 when he first began working in the compact disc industry.  At that time screen printing on compact discs was new and few people understood how to improve the process. Throughout his 19 year employment in this industry he developed many new processes and equipment that aided in improving the printing process substantially.  Over his tenure in this industry, he was awarded more than 12 international printing awards for excellence in screen printing on a compact disc substrate.

With almost 30 years’ experience in the screen printing industry, SE Technologies prides itself on having the ability to help its clients in all areas of screen printing included troubleshooting problems to custom designing and building equipment to satisfy a particular need. So whether it is a simple textile screen stretching need to a complete press ready screen in a state of the art industrial plant, SE Technologies is dedicated to providing a complete resource for its clients.

SE Technologies was retired in 2020 and replaced with Silk Screen Solutions to more accurately represent what services and solutions we provide.


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